Wrap up in your winter warmers: Ladies

It takes me by no surprise that I’ve just read an article reading ‘coldest January in decades’. Although I work inside the cold temperature still slithers under the door leading into my office. My toes feel like they’re near dropping off and my face mask has become the latest ‘winter warmer’ accessory.

I find dressing warm for an office isn’t as easy as dressing for a winter walk. Walking out to greet a customer in a large coat, hat, gloves and wellies wouldn’t be the most ideal of situations… especially when inside. for now my go to is layering basic tops and jumpers with a softshell coat. I feel like softshell jackets are smart but casual so i can totally get away with wearing that indoors. Sometimes I’ll wear a scarf but that’s my last option. Investing in a good pair of socks seems to be the greatest investment this year so far. Layering socks isn’t always the best option as we will have all learnt that leads to cutting off our circulation. I don’t know about you but that also makes my feet cold.

The only thing we ever seem to look forward to at the moment is our walks. Whether you go out everyday, just a couple of days a week or once a week. It still seems to be the only thing we look forward to at the moment. The question is, what are you wearing to keep yourself wrapped up warm whilst strolling about? Here are my top picks and why…

The Ariat Cable Headband.

As much as I love a hat, they’re just not great on a windy day. Having long, thick and curly hair, if I’m going to wear a bobble hat my hair has to be down so it can fit on my head. But on a walk the last thing i am wanting is hair flying all over in my mouth and eyes. This is why I will forever love a headband. My hair can be up in a messy bun but my ears will be toasty warm. This Ariat Headband has the fluffiest inner with the amazing cable detail and branding on the outer. I simply can not find one thing to not like about this product.


The Joules Stamford Scarf.

I don’t know about you guys but I definitely got caught up in the nude and brown trend in 2020 and I am totally bringing it all with me into 2021. These colours are so warming and go with absolutely anything. The pink in this Stamford Scarf certainly adds that bit of ‘pop’ on a cold winters day. A scarf to me is my duvet… the bigger the better. For me, it is the scarf that really keep me warm.


The Joules Rothley / Barbour Dee Gloves.

Okay, so I couldn’t decide which pair so I’ve totally gone for both! The joules Rothley gloves are so warm inside and have that winter cosy feel. Yes, they wouldn’t be great in the snow as they’re not waterproof but who gets to play in snow these days anyway? Not only do these gloves come in a gorgeous print… it has a matching Scarf. An absolute winter combo!


I definitely find the Barbour Dee Tartan gloves a lot more stylish and premium.  The leather fingers and palms make these waterproof to a degree. Yet they are just too gorgeous to want to play in the snow with. The tweed gives them a Scottish winter feel and they’re so sophisticated. If we’re spending the next few weeks having coffee breaks outside… I’ll definitely be seen in these!


The Toggi Canopy / Barbour Carter / Ariat Altitude.

Anyone who knows me will know I am a sucker for a good coat. A good quality coat will last absolutely years and its amazing how many different types of coats there are.

The Toggi Canopy is a classic all round country coat. It is the cosiest coat and fully waterproof. A longer coat is always great on a wet day and it even keep the top of you legs warm. This coat comes with a hood which can be fastened to keep in place! The drawstring on the waist gives it that extra bit of perfection… It will shape to your figure and make it that bit more feminine. This Parka style coat is slowly become the old NEW!


The Barbour carter is not just any tweed coat but its a warm tweed coat. A lot of company’s now tend to do tweed coats but no padding. I guess it is so we can wear tweed all year round (who would say no to that). This tweed coat is nice and cosy, with its lovely feminine fitting and the cord collar is a winter dream to keep that neck warm. This tweed coat is so versatile. Going to the pub? Grab the tweed. Going to the races? Grab the tweed. Going for a winters walk? Grab the tweed. One tweed can be worn for so many occasions.


Sticking to the theme of a WARM coat, I have also gone for the Ariat Altitude down jacket. With the down stuffing and the feminine shape, this is an absolute winter warmer. There is no way the cold can get to you in this coat with the elasticated cuffs. The faux fur hood certainly styles this coat up and makes it so versatile but we all know Ariat is a great brand for on the yard. I have tried this on myself and it is so comfy and stretchy. I don’t know about you but i need something that will move with me on a walk and therefore this is the coat for me…. Along with the others.



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A New Country Brand

It has been an exciting week here at Hardwick Country Store.

We have been searching for a new greeting card brand for a while. While checking out Joules ‘Friends of Joules’ we came across Eleanor Tomlinson Art.

Yorkshire born and bred, Eleanor Tomlinson is a traditional artist and illustrator based in East Yorkshire. Her artwork is inspired by the beautiful Yorkshire countryside she has grown up amongst, and all the wildlife found within it. Her pieces have also been developed into a wide range of cards, stationery, limited edition prints and homeware. Eleanor’s distinctive style using ink and watercolour, combines traditional, well-loved subjects with a contemporary, illustrative twist.

Her illustrations suit our customers to the T. Country sports, country classics, and country pets! Not only that, She is a local girl! As a small business, we love to support local and small business as much as we can in any format. Our first order has arrived and we love them. There really is something for everyone. We even got a couple of Christmas cards. My personal favourite has the different dogs looking at the Christmas cake. Her detail on the cards are amazing.

Christmas can be seen as stressful. Who knows what to get the sister in law or the other halves grandma? Do not worry, everyone loves a hot drink, whether its a coffee, hot chocolate or the famous YORKSHIRE tea. Luckily this is where Eleanor Tomlinson steps up. She has designed some beautiful country china mugs and we stock two designs, the classic tractors & the stable essentials. You really can’t do any harm getting someone a mug for Christmas.

Look out on our website for her cards. Or if you can’t wait, call into our shop to check them out.

Speak to you later…


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Autumn Days and Adventures

A very recent visit to the Holy Island on our way back from Edinburgh brought it home to me just how many people are walking about with a newly acquired dog/puppy, most of them would appear to be some sort of appropriately named poo.  We were practically the only car in the carpark without a furry companion. Now I love to pat a puppy and my grandchild was in seventh heaven with all the dogs and it was encouraging to see such well turned out dogs with an assortment state of the art dog harnesses and coats.  Keeping active dogs fit and healthy is an important aspect of caring for your pet and hopefully avoiding potentially crippling vet bills so introducing a suitable feed is vital. Breeders always give advice on the food that your puppy has been weened on and while it is sensible to keep the food the same there is a wealth of foods both of the wet and dry varieties to choose from. We stock locally produced Burgess Dog food as our Premium Brand and feel confident that it is a well balanced dry mix and we have witnessed lots of happy pups develop into healthy dogs and enjoy an active long life.   Now where can we buy a puppy?

Enjoy the outdoors in the appropriate clothing and footwear check out our offers for your own adventure. Zoe

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Welcome to Hardwick Country Store

Welcome to our new and shiny website! It is much bolder and user friendly than our old dated one so we can’t wait for you all to see what we have in. One day we will have everything on our website but it certainly is one long process. If you have any question then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us. we have a very friendly team who are happy to answer any calls, emails or messages.

if your a new customer then here’s all you need to know…

we are based in a small village outside Scarborough, Brompton-by-Sawdon. We are a part of Hardwick agricultural engineers. A small machinery business who sells Deutz-Fahr, Kubota, Kuhn and so much more. along with the sales of the tractors we have a country store. In the shop there certainly is something for everyone. We have a large variety of Equestrian and pets needs to Garden and home accessories. Clothing from Joules, Barbour, Toggi, Deerhunter and so much more.

We hope to hear from you all and look forward to writing to you all in the future but for now here is a quick meet the time…

Abi, 21….

Hi my name is Abi and im in charge of all things online and marketing.  If you ever have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I have a obsession with country fashion and take pride in my choice of clothing. I spend my spare time walking around the countryside, taking part in a local young farmers or playing with the ponies at home on the farm with my nephew and niece. I have been working at Hardwick Country store for over three years and have had such a fun time. we spend our summers taking our shop to local shows and getting ourselves about.

Zoe, 60…

Hi my name is Zoe and i am in charge of all stock that is coming in and out of our store. I chose the

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